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1.Игра Ганнибала (2019)
Выпущен • 29 августа 2019 г. • Криминал / Мистика / Триллер
A police task force traps an online predator, only to discover that the depth of his crimes goes far beyond anything they had anticipated.
2.The Banana Splits Movie (2019)
Выпущен • 26 августа 2019 г. • Экшн / Комедия / Ужас / Мистика
A boy named Harley and his family attend a taping of The Banana Splits TV show, which is supposed to be a fun-filled birthday for young Harley and business as usual for Rebecca, the producer of the...
3.Гвен (2019)
Выпущен • 19 июля 2019 г. • Драма / История / Ужас / Мистика
A mysterious — and suspicious — run of ill fortune plagues a teenage girl and her mother and sister on their hillside farm in this folk story set in the dark hills of Wales during the industrial...
4.Бэтмен: Тихо! (2019)
Выпущен • 19 июля 2019 г. • Экшн / Анимация / Криминал / Мистика
A mysterious new villain known only as Hush uses a gallery of villains to destroy Batman's crime-fighting career as well as Bruce Wayne's personal life, which has been further complicated by a...
5.Обратиться в пепел (2019)
Выпущен • 19 июля 2019 г. • Криминал / Драма / Мистика / Триллер
With an honest job and a loving wife, Nick Brenner believed he had safely escaped his violent, criminal history. But his old crew hasn't forgotten about him or the money he stole, and when they...
6.Saving Zoë (2019)
Выпущен • 12 июля 2019 г. • Драма / Мистика
Echo must deal with the regular dramas of high school, in addition to grappling with the murder of her older sister, Zoë. But when Echo receives a diary from Zoë's boyfriend, she begins to untangle...
7.Клуб анонимных киллеров (2019)
Выпущен • 27 июня 2019 г. • Экшн / Криминал / Мистика / Триллер
A failed attempt to murder a Senator is connected to a group meeting secretly to discuss their darkest urges—to take lives.
8.Выше неба (2019)
Выпущен • 27 июня 2019 г. • Драма / Мистика / Романтика
A young girl spends the summer in a country resort under the vigilant supervision of her mother. There her attention is drawn to a guy whose past is shrouded in a secret. The girl does not suspect...
9.Ghost Sword (2019)
Выпущен • 6 июня 2019 г. • Экшн / Ужас / Мистика / Триллер
Qingyuetang, the largest evil sect of the rivers and lakes in the Qingyuan, suddenly destroyed the door and slaughtered the night. The churchlor Lei Lie was sucked into a corpse, causing a...